National Natural Science Foundation of China 344 Chinese Academy of Sciences 55 中国水土保持学会 48
国家自然科学基金 45 Natural Science Foundation of China 41 National Science Foundation of China 36
National Key Research and Development Program of China 34 中国科学院地学部 26 National Key Basic Research Program of China(2012CB416901) 23
West Light Foundation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 23 中国土壤学会 23 IEEE 22
National Key R&D Program of China 22 The NIH 21 中国地理学会 21
中国水土保持学会;成都山地灾害与环境研究所;云南省计委国土办;云南省地理研究所 21 Chinese Academy of Sciences(KZZD-EW-05-01) 19 Department of Science and Technology of Sichuan Province, China 18
国家自然科学基金资助项目 17 Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment 16