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System Dynamics Approach for Analyzing Sustainable Development in Guizhou Province, China 会议论文
Conference on Web Based Business Management (WBM2012), 中国上海, 2012
Authors:  Renwei He(何仁伟);  Shaoquan Liu(刘邵权)
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Sustainable Development  Water And lAnd Resources  System Dynamics  Guizhou Province  
Study on Impact of Pennisetum Hydridum Hedgerow Technology in Slope Croplands on Soil Chemical Properties 会议论文
Proceedings of 2011 World Congress on Engineering and Technology, Proceedings of 2011 World Congress on Engineering and Technology(CET 2011) VOL05, Shanghai,China, 2011-10-28
Authors:  XL Wang;  CJ Su
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Plant Hedgerows  Soil  Chemical Properties  
Study on the development capability evolution of typical settlements of Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas in Dujiangyan 会议论文
18th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, 2011 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MANAGEMENT SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING - 18TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS, VOLS I AND II, Rome, ITALY, 2011-9-13~16
Authors:  Chang Fei;  Deng Wei
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Rural Settlement  Questionnaire Survey  Development Capability  Weight  Fuzzy Evaluation  
A comparative analysis on spatial patterns and processes of three typical wetland ecosystems in 3H area, China 会议论文
Biennial International Conference on Ecological Informatics and Ecosystem Conservation (ISEIS), INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ECOLOGICAL INFORMATICS AND ECOSYSTEM CONSERVATION (ISEIS 2010), Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, 2010-8-27~29
Authors:  Ainong Li;  Wei Deng;  Bo Kong;  Mengqiang Song;  Wenlan Feng;  Xiaoning Lu;  Guangbin Lei;  Junhong Bai
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3h Area  Wetland Spatial Pattern  Scenario Playback  Comparative Analysis  Remote Sensing  
Study on Pastures Ecological Footprint of Baotou Region 会议论文
2009 International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology, ESIAT '09 Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology - Volume 01, 湖北武汉, 2009-7-4
Authors:  Xiaoting Wang;  Jixi Gao
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Ecological Footprint  Carrying Capacity  Baotou Region Of Inner Mongolia  Standard Sheep Unit  Pasture