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Efficiency of Slot-Check Dam Group on Debris Flow Control in Shengou Basin, Kunming, China 会议论文
The third world landslide forum, Landslide Science for a Safter Geoenvironent (Vol. 3: Targeted Landslides), Beijing, 2014/6/2-6/6
Authors:  Yuhua Zou;  Kaiheng Hu;  Xiaoqing Chen;  Wei Zhong
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Debris Flow  
泥石流滑坡的预报模式 专著章节文集论文
出自: 暴雨泥石流滑坡的区域预测与预报——以攀西地区为例, 成都:四川科学技术出版社, 1994, 页码: 210-220
Authors:  谭万沛;  王成华;  姚令侃
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泥石流  滑坡  预报模式  攀西地区  四川