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Effect of Ground Fissures on Subsidence in Xi’an Metro Line 2 会议论文
The 3rd International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Materials, Advances in Civil and Industrial Engineering, 济南, May 24-26, 2013
Authors:  刘超;  苏立君;  徐兴倩
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Ground Subsidence  Ground Fissures  Xi’an Metro Line 2  
The Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Seismic Induced Geo-hazards and Ground damage classification in Baisha river 会议论文
ADVANCES IN INDUSTRIAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERING, PTS 1-4 (Advanced Materials Research Vol.594-597), Yichang, OCT 20-21, 2012
Authors:  Huajun MENG;  Jianping QIAO
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Baisha basin  Seismic induced geo-hazard  distribution characteristic  destruction classification