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debris flow distribution and occurrence trend 会议论文
International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Hydraulic Engineering (ICCAHE 2012), PROGRESS IN INDUSTRIAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERING, PTS. 1-5, Zhangjiajie, PEOPLES R CHINA, 2012-8-10~12
Authors:  He, N;  Chen, NS
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Debris Flow  Wen-chuan Earthquake  Disaster Prevention And Reduction  Economic Loss  
Preliminary investigation of the potential for using the Cs-137 technique to date sediment deposits in karst depressions and to estimate rates of soil loss from karst catchments in southwest China 会议论文
International Symposium on Sediment Dynamics for a Changing Future, SEDIMENT DYNAMICS FOR A CHANGING FUTURE, Warsaw Univ Life Sci, Warsaw, POLAND, 2010-6-14~18
Authors:  Zhang XB;  Bai XY;  Wen AB
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Karst Depression  Accumulated Sediment  Dating  Caesium-137  Soil Loss  Erosion Rates  
Intensive tillage effects on wheat production on a steep hillslope in the Sichuan Basin, China 会议论文
Environmental Science and Information Application Technology, 武汉, 2009
Authors:  Nie X.J. (聂小军);  Zhang J.H.(张建辉);  Su Z.A(苏正安)
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Soil Erosion  Intensive Tillage  Crop Production  
九寨沟地貌的基本特征、形成和演化 会议论文
第十届海峡两岸山地灾害与环境学术研讨会, 第十届海峡两岸山地灾害与环境学术研讨会论文集, 成都, 2009-6-19
Authors:  杨逸畴;  冲村孝;  唐邦兴;  柳素清;  刘世建
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农业活动驱动西南喀斯特地区坡地石质化的机制 会议论文
2009年全国地貌与第四纪学术研讨会, 2009年全国地貌与第四纪学术研讨会论文集, 上海, 2009-11-21
Authors:  张信宝;  王世杰;  孟天友
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农业活动  喀斯特  坡地  石质化  
Study on Pastures Ecological Footprint of Baotou Region 会议论文
2009 International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology, ESIAT '09 Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology - Volume 01, 湖北武汉, 2009-7-4
Authors:  Xiaoting Wang;  Jixi Gao
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Ecological Footprint  Carrying Capacity  Baotou Region Of Inner Mongolia  Standard Sheep Unit  Pasture  
Carbon emission of food consumption: An empirical analysis of China’s residents 会议论文
2009 International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology, Environmental Science and Information Application Technology Volume 2, I湖北武汉, 2009-7-4
Authors:  ZHI Jing(智静);  GAO Jixi(高吉喜)
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Carbon Emission  
Use of landslide-dammed lake deposits and pollen tracing techniques to investigate the erosional response of a small drainage basin in the Loess Plateau, China, to land use change during the late 16th century 会议论文
Workshop on Impact of Environmental Change on Sediment Sources and Sediment Delivery, Workshop on Impact of Environmental Change on Sediment Sources and Sediment Delivery(Special Issue of Catena Vol. 79, Issue 3), Perugia, ITALY, JUL 09-13, 2007
Authors:  X. Zhang(张信宝);  D.E. Walling;  X. He(贺秀斌);  Y. Long(龙翼)
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Pollen  Sediment Yield  Reconstruction  Landslide-dammed Lake  Land Use Change  Sediment Deposits  
四川大熊猫栖息地保护与边缘带经济协调发展 会议论文
2007中国科协年会, 节能环保 和谐发展——2007中国科协年会论文集(三), 湖北武汉, 2007-9
Authors:  于慧;  赵永涛;  罗勇;  韦杰;  马月伟
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大熊猫栖息地  世界自然遗产  边缘带经济  协调发展  
Analysis on traffic accessibility of worst-hit areas in Sichuan by the May 12th Wenchuan earthquake 会议论文
16th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, 2009 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MANAGEMENT SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (16TH), Moscow, RUSSIA, 2009-09-14~2009-09-16
Authors:  Shen XJ;  Su CJ;  Yang ZX
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